Christening Day

All you need to know about prepping for a smooth and hiccup-free day.

So you have spent months and months planning this special day, and you want everything perfect right? Well with a few little tips and a few minutes of your time, it will be even better!

I have written a guide to help you prepare for the day.

Getting Ready

Here are the main things to do for a stress-free dressing.

  • Declutter the room as much as possible, less is more. Clear those beside tables from anything distracting.
  • Have the Christening clothing and accessories all ready and together. This allows me to shoot as soon as I arrive, without having to pester you for each thing. This includes the candle, stole/bib, additional outfit and jewellery etc.
  • If you have a white/cream or neutral colour bedding set, I recommend you pop it on. This will allow bubs to shine with minimal distractions.
  • Please ensure all Parents, Godparents and anyone having photos are there and ready to go. We have a small window before Bubs will get shirty once they are dressed.

Clean, crisp and elegant - Christening Home Photography


I can't emphasise this enough, some priests will stand in front and block my view! Some will be very understanding and even help to position you. Some will make you huddle around and cover the view of the moment.

My advice to you is, that when the moment comes for the blessings and baptism, look for me, if you can't all see me, I can't see you. See how in this photo the family is in a semi-circle and everyone can be seen? This is what we want.

At the end of the service, you have two options. Family photos at the church or at the reception. If you decide to have photos at the reception, I will take a photo with Bubs and parents and godparents and run off to the reception ahead of the guests.

If you would like photos at the church, that's fine too but just a heads up, I may miss taking photos of the reception set up empty. I normally take all of the family photos and ask you to keep the family for a 5-minute chat to allow me some extra time.

Speaking of family photos, Uncle and Aunty don't want to be missed. I can't stress enough if you have lots of families to photograph, make a list and check it twice, and then give it to someone you trust to call the families one and a time.


So you survived getting ready and the church, now it's time for fun.

If you're planning to have a backdrop, please, please, please don't set this up in front of a window. This will make for some less than perfect photos. If you can have them set up the backdrop so the light source is to the left or right, I will be as happy as Larry.

I am to arrive before everyone so that I can photograph the gorgeous room while still empty.

This is the last chance to get any missed photos, fun or just some extras. If you think you need more time you can add more time for $50 per 30 minutes.

Adelaide Christening - Victoria Park Social Club

I look forward to photographing your beautiful family and congratulations on this upcoming sacrament.